Improv 3: Commitment To Craft

Six Week Course | Adults Only (18+)
Leela believes improvisors are artists and must train as such.  This class provides you with a 6-week crash course on craft.  You will learn to rely on your senses (rather than “thinking”) to create detailed space object environments, specific and interesting characters, and skills to develop believable scenes onstage.  Armed with these tools, you’ll step into the role of Improvisor with heightened awareness and confidence.

Prerequisite: Improv 2: Authentic Relationships
Schedule: 6 sessions (once a week for 6 weeks)
Class Length: 3 hours (18 hours total)
Class Size: 12-18

Upcoming “Improv 3: Commitment To Craft” courses:

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Day/Time: TBA
Dates: 2024
Instructor: Jill Eickmann
Tuition: $279
Location: NC

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