Leela’s COVID-19 policy is in accordance with guidelines provided by the State of North Carolina.  At this time this means that vaccination checks are not required and masking is optional.  These policies will be updated if city guidelines change. 


For the health and safety of everyone we ask that you not attend class or any Leela event if you are feeling sick or have symptoms of illness.


Please note that all sales are final.  No refunds, exchanges, or transfers.  We will NOT respond to refund, exchange, or transfer requests..


Students are expected to attend all classes.  Two absences are allowed per six week course in the event of an emergency or unavoidable circumstances.  In order to maintain class integrity and foster a sense of ensemble among students, no more than two absences are allowed.  Upon a third absence, the student in question will be asked to repeat the level if they plan on continuing their studies at Leela.


Students are expected to arrive on time to their classes.  Students are also encouraged to plan on arriving  fifteen minutes early to their classes to accommodate  unexpected life delays.  Students are allowed two unexpected late arrivals per term in the event of an emergency or unavoidable circumstances.  However, on the third time you may be removed from the class without a refund.  Lateness is disrespectful and causes resentment within the class and damages the group bond.  Please arrive early!

Bill of Rights:

Our goal in having this Bill of Rights is to co-create an inclusive safe space where people can express themselves creatively.  Improvisation is an art form that requires us to push past our comfort zones for the purpose of learning and overall growth.  Creating safety for risk-taking requires consensual agreements and clear structure and boundaries.  As such, we want to make it impeccably clear that ALL members of our Leela community are aware of their rights at our training center and theatre company.

You have the right to:

– be and feel safe during performances, rehearsals, and classes.

– be treated respectfully by your classmates, instructors, performers and Leela’s leadership team.

– improvise with people who are NOT under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

– set boundaries regarding physical contact and subject matter that might trigger a negative emotional response.

– dictate what kind of physical  touch you will receive.

– immediately step out of any scene, performance, rehearsal, or class in which you feel unsafe.
excuse yourself from any scene or exercise at any time without explanation.

– inform your instructor/director/coach of anything you want them to know ahead of time, such as physical or emotional conditions that we would need to consider in order for you to fully participate.

– speak to any director, coach, instructor, or any member of the leadership team regarding behavior by any person that you feel infringes on your rights.  If you do not feel comfortable talking with your teacher or Artistic Director – Jill Eickmann ([email protected]) or Executive Producer – Christopher Eickmann ([email protected]) you can always reach out to Associate Artistic Director – Steven J. Burnett ([email protected]) have this discussion held in confidence or to be shared in the manner agreed upon by you and the person to whom you make a report.

– report conduct if you are personally aware of any conduct that would have been a violation of your rights if directed toward you.

– define what feels fun and what feels unsafe for you without judgment from others. And remember ONLY YOU get to CHOOSE to have fun with something that is challenging and new, and pushes you outside your comfort zone.  And your boundaries will be honored when you state something feels unsafe for you.

– turn down a suggestion you feel is demeaning.

– Exercising any of these rights will not adversely affect your ability to progress in classes, to be cast in a Performing Improv Ensemble, to be booked for a show or project, or be considered for a leadership position.