Drop-In Improv Classes

No prerequisite | On-Going Bi-Weekly | Adults Only (18+)
Come play, bring a friend, and meet new people in Leela’s drop-in improv classes!  In these on-going multi-level classes you’ll be introduced to Leela’s signature style of improvisation: joyful play, expressing your authentic self, truthful scenework, ensemble building, group mind, character development, detailed space object work, multiple forms, and “Yes, and!”  These fun-filled improv classes are a valuable opportunity for experienced actors/improvisors to sharpen their skills, and newbies to get introduced to the wonderful world of improvisation.  Connect, play, grow…  We’ll see you in class!  (Did we mention the after party?)

Prerequisite: None
Schedule: Thursdays, bi-weekly
Class Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 20

ARE YOU A DROP-IN REGULAR?  Want to deepen your play and expand your community?  Sign-up for Improv 1: Let’s Play!  3 hour classes for 6 consecutive weeks!

On-going Drop-In Improv Classes:

Register: SIGN UP NOW!
Day/Date/Time: Thursdays, from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, on-going bi-weekly
Instructor: Rotating Faculty
Tuition: $20 (online registration required – link above)
Location: Raleigh Founded (North St), 509 W North St, Raleigh, NC 27603

(Please note that all sales are final.  No refunds, exchanges, or transfers.  We will NOT respond to refund, exchange, or transfer requests.  No groups larger than 5. (Private workshops are available for large groups.)